Build Systems can be anchors or accelerators to developer productivity, properly layered architectures, and smooth deployment.

A well written build system integrates tightly, yet flexibly with test frameworks, dev/qa&production machine provisioning, source code management (SCM), and deployment infrastructure.

A well written build system enables rapid on-boarding of new engineers by providing extremely simple procedures for development and test environment set-up, together with auto-generated, code-linked, and up-to-date system documentation.

A well written build system builds the minimum necessary — in parallel where possible; it manages component dependencies, ensures compliance with organizational coding standards, and provides operations teams, architects and managers with the logging, tracing, and reporting tools they need to answer questions such as:

  • what areas of my code base are overly complex, and potentially in need of refactoring?
  • what areas of my code base have inadequate test coverage, or are responsible for more than their share of defects?
  • what is the source code version number of the component currently crashing crashing our production servers, who signed off on QA for this, and who checked it in?


We Deliver Systems You Can Swear By, Not At

Our mission at the Labs is to deliver release engineering solutions that meet the above requirements… that enable you to be more agile, to deploy faster, and to work fewer late nights.

What kind of engineering team do you need to pull this off?  A comprehensive understanding of build automation-related open source frameworks (and continual contribution to and involvement with open source projects)  is the entry ticket. To truly excel in this area you need the perspective of those who have worked as managers or software architects, and who have had the experience of a build system slowing them down, or in some instances, helping them deliver faster. Such experience lets you know what has to be done better. The open source expertise enables you to actually deliver.